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4 months ago

Dragon Shield Community Guidelines


1. Inclusivity: At Dragon Shield, we celebrate diversity and welcome members from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Please treat everyone with respect and kindness.

2. Language: Our community is diverse, with members of various age groups. To ensure a comfortable environment for everyone, we ask that you avoid using profanity.

3. Humor and Banter: Friendly banter can enrich our community, but it's important to keep it respectful. Please avoid making anyone feel slandered or uncomfortable.

4. Forum Use: Each forum has a purpose. Help us maintain order by keeping conversations and content in their designated forums.

5. Privacy: Respect personal privacy. Do not share any personal information about other players or staff without their explicit permission.

6. No Spamming: To maintain a pleasant chat environment, please refrain from spamming texts, photos, memes, commands, or any form of content.

7. Gender Respect: We stand for equality and respect for all genders. Sexism is unacceptable and will be met with strict consequences.

8. Avoiding Drama: Our community is a place for fun, not conflict. If you have an issue with another member, please contact a staff member for resolution. Creating unnecessary drama could lead to a ban.

By following these guidelines, you help foster a welcoming, enjoyable, and safe environment for all members of Dragon Shield.


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