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Dragon Shield Community Guidelines


1. Inclusivity: At Dragon Shield, we celebrate diversity and welcome members from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Please treat everyone with respect and kindness.

2. Language: Our community is diverse, with members of various age groups. To ensure a comfortable environment for everyone, we ask that you avoid using profanity.

3. Humor and Banter: Friendly banter can enrich our community, but it's important to keep it respectful. Please avoid making anyone feel slandered or uncomfortable.

4. Forum Use: Each forum has a purpose. Help us maintain order by keeping conversations and content in their designated forums.

5. Privacy: Respect personal privacy. Do not share any personal information about other players or staff without their explicit permission.

6. No Spamming: To maintain a pleasant chat environment, please refrain from spamming texts, photos, memes, commands, or any form of content.

7. Gender Respect: We stand for equality and respect for all genders. Sexism is unacceptable and will be met with strict consequences.

8. Avoiding Drama: Our community is a place for fun, not conflict. If you have an issue with another member, please contact a staff member for resolution. Creating unnecessary drama could lead to a ban.

By following these guidelines, you help foster a welcoming, enjoyable, and safe environment for all members of Dragon Shield.


Forum Rules 3 months ago

Welcome to Dragon Shield, your gateway to a fair and immersive MMO RPG experience. Since opening our doors in January, we've cultivated a community that treasures fun, fairness, and the thrill of adventure. On our official website, not only can you engage in lively discussions and share your views with fellow enthusiasts, but you also have the opportunity to support our server through our store. Additionally, we're proud to offer an extensive wiki, providing you with all the resources you need to navigate your journey.

Join us at Dragon Shield to play, explore, and create unforgettable memories. Your adventure starts here.

Welcome to Dragon Shield 3 months ago